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Creating happier professional relationships


Research shows that working people are 25% more productive when adopting an active lifestyle. And companies makes £3 for every £1 invested in staff wellbeing programmes. The combination of taekwondo and mindfulness helps people release stress, improves mental resilience and physical fitness, for people who works in high pressure environment. Our instructors visit your premises and design group session plans that fits your employees' working schedule. 

Please contact (Quote 'Corporate') to discuss your package! 

Personal Trainings/Private Lessons

Being your accountability partner! 

Hannah Xu, founder of 360 Kick, provides private lessons for taekwondo and fitness coaching that fits your personalised fitness goals and work schedule, so that you can thrive in both your career and your health. 

Please contact (Quote 'Private Lessons') to discuss your package!

360 Kick Lifestyle Coaching

Personal online coaching services to help with problem with: 

- Keep making new year resolutions to start a fitness routine, but keep quitting 

- Hard to motivate yourself to keep up a fitness routine 

- Having been hitting the gym regularly and trying to eat healthy, but still not getting the results wanted 

Coaching sessions can help you: 

- Dive deep on the limiting self belief about your body, so that you have a new relationship with your body

- Create empowering context of your new healthy life, so that you are motivated and excited about starting a new lifestyle

- Help you create a healthy environment and community around you, and take the leadership of encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle like you

Please contact (Quote 'Coaching') to discuss your package!

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