Mindfulness is a practice of meditation involving the ability to be present in the now.  It is essentially your ability to connect to you as you live your daily life and be fully aware of what you are experienced.  It works at all the different levels your body experiences life; physical, emotional, mental and inner spirit.  It is about being in alignment with your core self.

Modern life is filled with numerous stressors to the mind, which keeping your in partial awareness of what you are doing.  You body is acting in a pre-programmed way but your mind is doing it's own thing, often caught up in the past or pondering about something in the future.  These types of factor take you away from your core self and puts you out of balance therefore causing a disruption to your inner alignment.

Through the practice mindfulness meditation we begin to change the inner programs by increasing connection and awareness to inner self.  This begins the process of reducing stresses in life.  There are many health benefits to this particularly when you focus on different parts of your body physically and how they are connected to your mental thoughts, emotions and this affects your inner spirit or you call it your spiritual self.

Mindfulness with Taekwondo

Traditionally martial arts are taught with an integrated element of meditation but inner meditation going deep into yourself and deeper self connection meditation.  This allows you to experience how your actions are felt in the body.

Taekwondo is supported through mindfulness in three key ways.

1. Training the mind to focus

2. create inner peace and state of calmness

3. Awareness of your environment, and the ability to assess the effortlessly assess the moment.


Therefore when you are in practice, learning a new skill it allows you feel what is happening inside.  Understand where you are focussing and if you focusing on the task or if your thoughts, emotions, physical sensations are distracting in any form .  You to understand how this feels in your body as you carry out the exercise.  This awareness this then utilised to improve your performance.

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