Taekwondo for Self-Care and Mindfulness

"After the session I felt revived, it had been a long time since I had a proper work out in class and this definitely worked out both body and mind! It was nice to take a step back from the modern world for a second and find myself instead of the constant noise of life."

---- Ahren (Participant of 360 Kick workshop) 

360 Kick provides Taekwondo and mindfulness classes, that helps busy professionals and business owners to release stress, and develop both physical and mental resilience, so that they can be more focused and efficient at work, also gives the mental toughness and agility to deal with day to day challenges with ease and power. Blending martial arts and mindfulness helps individuals deepen the connections with their body and mind, so that cultivate a healthier relationship with themselves which plays an important part of ones physical, mental and financial well-being. 

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